The Peddlers of Joy

 at The Tank

It felt entirely decadent and self-indulgent to open my voice and release it into the tank. The sound current is expansive, and the voice continues to swirl up into the highest reaches of the tank for what feels like an eternity, creating an extraordinarily profound and deeply nourishing sound experience. The tank changes the way you sing, causing you to move slowly, find the spaces, and to let the tank have its voice. After basking for hours in that sonic haven, I slept better than I had in years. I will indeed be returning. ~ Freyja Wild

The Peddlers of Joy

(formally know as The Astral Project)

meditative free jazz

There is a bit of magic afoot here, magic that can rejuvenate the weary, soothe the forlorn, help mend the deep wound and illuminate the always journey.

The Peddlers of Joy is a performance ensemble dedicated to creating mindful music live in the moment. Our music is all spontaneous compositions drawn from the love in the room and often have healing intent. It honors the shamanic impetus behind indigenous music and sacred traditions while simultaneously exploring powerful new understandings of how music affects our well being. The Peddlers of Joy are  Mad Dog Friedman on Native American flute and Theremin, Sean Bennight on guitar and Freyja Wild on vocals.